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The Oakdale Irrigation District Water Resources Plan is a comprehensive study of the District's water resources, delivery system and operations. The study was initiated by the District's Board of Directors in November of 2004 to determine how the District can best protect its water rights while meeting the needs of all its stakeholders and serve the region.

What the Plan will Study

The comprehensive analysis, which will be completed in November 2004, will study OID's Stanislaus River water rights, current and future groundwater levels, OID's irrigation practices, the state of the OID delivery system, and how water is delivered and used. It will look at historic land uses trends and develop forecasts for how future land uses will impact water supplies.

Why the Study

Because historic land uses are changing, the District believes it is important to understand why and how it can best use the District's resources to protect its water rights and to better serve the community. The Water Resources Plan will provide specific, prioritized recommendations for OID facilities and system improvements that will comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and how to phase in the improvements consistent with available financial resources.

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