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OID in the Community

The Board of Directors believes it is vital that all stakeholders understand the importance of the OID Water Resources Plan to the community.

OID is a major contributor to the economic stability of the region not only as the primary water purveyor for agriculture, the community's lifeblood, but also a significant employer and economic factor. With its partner, the South San Joaquin Irrigation District, OID generates wholesale power for the region through the Tri-Dam Project. The District's annual budget is more than $10 million that is largely spent in the community creating jobs and opportunities.

Assessment, Alternatives and Development of the Final Plan

The first phase of the Plan, the assessment phase, has been completed. Available data has been collected in numerous areas that affect OID including land use and on-farm irrigation practices. Public outreach has been launched and OID's delivery system has been reviewed.

The next phase is called the Alternatives in which a broad range of options will be studied. These will include but are not limited to enhance water delivery service, groundwater recharge programs, environmental needs, annexations and water transfers.

Once the Alternatives are developed, information about them will be available on this Web site, detailed in another edition of the Update newsletter and reviewed at public open house, the time and date of which will be announced later this year. Following adoption of the Preferred Alternative or set of Alternatives, the final plan will be developed.

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Outreach Assessment Meeting with local and regional stakeholders to review the purpose and goals of the Plan.
Data Collection/OID System Evaluation Assessment of all historical information and the current system.
Public Outreach Continous effort to keep the public informed of progress of the Plan.
Detailed Analysis/Plan Development Study of information gathered and development of solutions.
Draft Plan/CEQA Initiation Recommended plan with CEQA initiation submitted for the Board's approval.


Stanislaus River at Knight's Ferry.